Sunlight 2, 2016

IPR beams and white paint
Instalatin view, Marfa Contemporary, Marfa, TX

Photo credit Alex Marks

The proposal for the Marfa Contemporary art gallery is an ephemeral and specific sculpture.
The piece responds directly to the trajectory and positioning of the sun from October 7 to December 21 (the period of the exhibition) in Marfa, Texas.
The shape of the piece, as well as its positioning and orientation, responds to the azimuth and the elevation of 6 different moments during the exposure time. Each of the 6 pieces that make up the sculpture point towards the sun when its at its highest point of the corresponding day
(October 07 and 21, November 03 and 21, December 07 and 21). When this happens, the shadow of the piece in question is projected straight on the ground joining the two steel profiles to form a triangle.